Ice Cream Nation

The cutest Multiplayer Party Game

In the whimsical world of Ice Cream Nation, the cutest and most endearing animals on Earth find themselves facing a chilling catastrophe. The once-beloved ice cream parlor, the heart of their vibrant community, has vanished. The culprit? None other than the menacing forces of global warming and climate change, turning their sweet haven into a puddle of despair.

As the last glimmers of hope begin to melt away, our courageous animal heroes embark on a frosty adventure like no other. It's a race against time, as they compete with other players on precarious, ever-shifting platforms that vanish beneath their furry feet. Their mission is as cool as ice – be the last one standing and avoid the treacherous waters below!

By emerging victorious over your adversaries, you stand to reap the bountiful rewards of OKI tokens and NFTs. Within this immersive gaming universe, players will harness the might of their OKI tokens to acquire coveted Skin NFTs and unlock an array of captivating characters.

For the discerning gamer, the Solana network will serve as the conduit, with OKI Tokens seamlessly integrated as the primary in-game currency. This versatile currency will facilitate the trading, acquisition, and sale of a diverse array of NFT items and formidable weaponry.

Looking ahead, we're excited to unveil the inaugural ICE CREAM NATION store. As part of this innovative venture, gamers will find themselves in contention for exclusive in-game discount codes. These valuable codes can be redeemed at any ICE CREAM NATION store, promising sweet indulgence beyond the virtual realm. Prepare to savor both victory and ice cream in equal measure!

But that's not all. Beyond the gaming realm, Ice Cream Nation comes to life as an enchanting anime series. Join our furry friends on a heartwarming journey as they strive to solve the grave issue of global warming. Along the way, they'll uncover the power of friendship, resilience, and community spirit as they battle to save their beloved ice cream store. It's a scoop of adventure, a dollop of humor, and a sprinkle of life lessons that promises to leave you craving for more.

So, grab your ice cream cones and get ready to chill with the denizens of Ice Cream Nation. In this delightful world, the sweetest victory is served cold!


Launch date Q4 2024

Creator & Creative Director: Anis Fahir

CFO: Andre Petiteau

CCO: Elias Fahir

Art Director: Youssef Aouni

Music Direction: Jimmy Champigneulle

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