Welcome to HDOKI!

An entertainment ecosystem with crypto-backed rewards.

Dear Esteemed Community, We take great pleasure in introducing you to the exceptional world of HDOKI - an innovative entertainment ecosystem imagined and created by OKI NEXT TECH. The ecosystem offers crypto-backed rewards, cultivating an environment where competition, rewards, staking, and trading of NFTs & OKI Tokens converge seamlessly within a diverse multiproduct/multi-partner universe.

At the core of HDOKI's vision lies an unwavering commitment to provide cutting-edge games and applications, all unified under a singular ecosystem. Our approach is fortified by the principles of large-scale portability, primarily utilizing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), accompanied by swift and secure transactions enabled by Solana, the pioneering crypto computing platform.

The accomplished development team behind HDOKI brings forth a wealth of experience spanning entertainment media creation, software development, game design, marketing, and mobile/web application deployment.

HDOKI proudly stands as a 3E project, embodying Equitable-Earning-Entertainment. Our platform seamlessly integrates Use-to-Earn mechanics, granting users the ability to earn, stake, and amass OKI Tokens - a utility token built upon the robust Solana blockchain architecture. Serving as the catalyst for the Use-Play-And-Earn economy, HDOKI's ecosystem encompasses an array of captivating Apps, Games, Boosting Memberships, and a dynamic NFT marketplace. All of these facets are meticulously managed through the proprietary HDOKI Console, a subscriber-based web interface meticulously tailored to fulfill the aspirations of our dynamic community and support a buyback economic strategy. This console ensures accessibility without compromise, merging user-friendly simplicity with unparalleled functionality.

HDOKI embraces a diverse audience, ranging from avid gamers enticed by Play-to-earn games, nurturing parents and curious children exploring Learn-to-earn educational applications, health enthusiasts engaging with Move-to-earn App, dedicated fans of comics through Read-to-earn Apps, to passionate collectors exploring our vibrant NFT Marketplace.

Today, the HDOKI Console boasts a thriving community of over 20,000 active users and members. This sophisticated web dashboard stands as a central hub, providing easy access to an array of games and apps, facilitating membership Boosts acquisition, enabling seamless access to game statistics and rewards, as well as empowering token staking and withdrawals.

With great enthusiasm and anticipation, we present the culmination of our collective endeavors: HDOKI - a universe of unparalleled entertainment and limitless potential.


The HDOKI Team

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