Welcome to HDOKI!

An entertainment ecosystem with crypto-backed rewards.
Dear Community,
We are pleased to introduce you to HDOKI - An entertainment ecosystem with crypto-backed rewards where you can compete, win, stake, and trade NFTs & OKI Tokens in a multiproduct/multi-partner universe.
HDOKI's goal is to deliver free-to-use games and apps within a unique ecosystem, empowered by large scale portability (using mostly PWA), with fast and secured transactions powered by Solana as the crypto computing platform.​
The development team of HDOKI comes with years of experience creating and producing entertainment media, marketing, developing and implementing software, creating games as well as web & mobile applications.
HDOKI is a 3E project: (3E) Equitable-Earning-Entertainment. Through-point Use-to-Earn functionality that allows users to earn, stake and collect OKI Tokens, An utility token built on the Solana blockchain that fuels the Use-Play-And-Earn economy. The HDOKI ecosystem includes Apps, Games, Boosting Memberships and an NFT marketplace. All managed by the proprietary subscriber based HDOKI Console, in which all functions are customized and curated to meet the needs and goals of the HDOKI community and it’s subscribers, making it simple and accessible while maintaining ease-of-use and maximum functionality.
​HDOKI targets gamers through Play-to-earn games, Parents and kids through Learn-to-earn educational apps, health conscious people through Move-to-earn App, Comics lovers through Read-to-earn Apps, professionals and users through a Talk-to-earn App and finally, NFT lovers through our NFT Marketplace.
Today, more than 20,000 active users and members are already using the HDOKI Console. A simple and intuitive web dashboard with a shortcut access to all games & apps where they can buy membership Boosts, view their Statistics and rewards, Stake or Withdraw OKI Tokens.
— HDOKI Team​
Last modified 4mo ago